Nine Herbs Charm

Est. 2016  |  Los Angeles, Oslo, Bergen

Nine Herbs Charm is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary artist collective consisting of core members Hannah Mjølsnes, Eric Kim and Saewon Oh.  Their work generates interactions between humans, their environments and the plant world using tea ceremony, performance and installation as social practice and community building.  Nine Herbs Charm is derived from a poem by the same name, which was first transcribed in Old English around the year 1000 and was likely passed on through oral traditions for generations prior.  It speaks both to and about nine specific plants and their healing properties, revealing an age old symbiotic relationship between people and the plant world.  

Founded in LA in 2016, Nine Herbs Charm built a rooftop garden in Silverlake as the first physical manifestation of the poem.  There they continue to conduct tea ceremonies, one plant at the time.  Through shared somatic experience, each serving is a new encounter with each plant wherein their unique properties are explored through careful observation.  Each iteration revives the poem as a living text, invoking our bodies as instruments for heightened and intelligent sensory engagement.  As the project continues its research and exploration, the meaning and significance of the charm reveals itself to a new generation of participants.  

Most of the nine plants are common weeds that grow all over the world, both crossing international boundaries and adapting into region specific varieties.  Likewise, the collective is also constantly adapting to site-specific conditions, creating inter-connected leylines between communities and international cities.  Collaboration is the foundational core of our process and with every project we work with local multi-disciplinary artists to create scenarios wherein participants co-collaborate on transient shared experiences.  


2017 Mugwort Leylines, Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, Norway
& Nine Herbs Charm Garden, Los Angeles, CA
(in collaboration with Petra Dahlström)

2017 Nine Tea Servings, Louise Dany, Oslo, Norway
(in collaboration with Miriam Hansen)


(ongoing) Tea Servings, Nine Herbs Charm Garden, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Plant Ceremony for an Herbal Antidote, Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles, CA
(in collaboration with Amanda Ackerman & Harold Abramowitz)

2017 Wood Betony, SCIVIAS, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
(in collaboration with Petrine Vinje and Cat Lauigan)

2016 Voldemort on Lunesta, Nine Herbs Charm Garden, Los Angeles, CA
(in collaboration with Puppies Puppies)


2017 Nine Herbs Charm Artist Talk, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

Artist in Residence

2017 Louise Dany, Oslo, Norway


2017 OCA 02 International Support